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This is what I got, it's a glue in tho


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With the technology today there is no reason this couldn't be done. There are tons of these cars out there that look great until you open the hood and then it becomes a disappointment because the hood liner is ratty. I've gone to a few shows and seen some nice looking custom embroidered hood liners for these cars. You can still buy blank hood liner replacements with no lettering from GM as far as I know. Why can someone not reproduce the original lettering in a stick on or Velcro form to put on one of these? Embroidered hood liners could also be a possibility and would probably last longer and look better, but they wouldn't be like the originals.

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The fakes on the market have bothered me for some time.

There is a correct stencil that has been made for the hood pads. It was being sold last year at the Nat's. The problem is that some are spray painting the stencil onto a blank GM 8-hole hood pad and trying to sell it as NOS for a huge price tag.
It's sneaky that the pad is NOS GM, BUT the stencil was just painted.

There are 3 examples on e-bay now.

Here is a GM 8-hole pad with what looks like white stenciling done yesterday. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1985-87-GRA...ash=item4b155987a0:g:of0AAOSwTuJYsbzh&vxp=mtr

Here is a GM 8-hole pad with the original stenciling done by GM. Notice the original stenciling was like an iron-on detail, NOT spray painted.

Here is another GM 8-hole pad with stenciling done yesterday. looks like plenty of white overspray above the "TURBOCHARGED" lettering. It was listed for $999 as NOS, now it's $799. Can you say fraud and fake?

There are other examples if you search e-bay history for completed listings.

The point is buyer beware. Original stenciling was silver in color and more like an iron-on detail. Look at your own hood pad. The stencil is not white spray paint.

There is no reason why any vendor with GM licensing can't access the records for the dimensional drawings and original suppliers and re-make correct 9-hole pads.



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May not be the correct forum; however, I am bringing a nice quality OE 9 hold pad out of a 3K mile car to BG to see what the market value is...if your interested come find me and my 86 GN with SITH LRD license plate


I bought a new hood pad from Castle Performance and it's a decent pad except for the fact that the silver lettering has bubbles in it . He said that the bubbles would work their way out once the heat from the engine bay hits it. Well, several months later, I'm still waiting for those letters to adhere to the pad :rolleyes:


these are the ones i make


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