One wheel peel? non-g80


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I've swapped new Eaton Posi carriers into 4 different stock rear ends using the stock shims already in the rear. Lash before and after was nearly dead on to the factory settings. No messing with the pinion gear.
That's how mine was.


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I think This is the route I am going to go , is there any tips for install?

If i were you i would get a Eaton or Auburn posi unit, you won't be disappointed by doing so. The Auburn Gear posi unit costs a little less than the Eaton posi if cost is a factor for you. If you don't want to buy new parts, you could always advertise in the parts wanted forum that you are looking for a posi unit. Also ebay is a good place to look for a good deal for one.

It is your money so spend it wisely and you will have a reliable fast fun car for years to come and not have to pay twice for items.


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That's how mine was.

I was never that lucky, always breaking things. Smoked 2 Auburns (metal = full teardown), cracked a pinion tooth, then shattered spider gears in a used eaton that I made 2 passes on before it broke. I learned to buy new, never used.


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To answer OP's question about install tips for the Powertrax, there really aren't any. The instructions are very straight forward. Took about 2 hours taking my time (on the ground). All the posts about the clicking are correct. Had a few guys at the car meets tell me my rear was going up cause they could hear it, but you get used to it. Locks up solid EVERY time. Just verify an open carrier and not assume one due to only one wheel spinning before you order one. Think when I bought it it was right at $300. As far as power handling; 2 seasons of every friday night at the track. Survived 1.59 60's on the brake, though most were street tire runs in the 11.7x @ 117-118 range. And of course, lots of street pulls in between. Was still going strong when I pulled the rear out of the car.


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I think This is the route I am going to go , is there any tips for install?
I also went with the powertrax. I love it! Install is fairly simple and can be done with basic tools. It only cost me $340 shipped from summit plus a little gear oil..No more one wheel peels! So far it has held up to 7.8s in the 1/8 in my car.

As far as install it wasn't too bad. The little springs can be a little aggravating but not too bad. The first turn you make may make a really loud clunk but after that it gets quieter.


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If you were smart you would put a standard Eaton posi carrier in it. I just pulled a Powertrax unit out of a customers car because he hated the feel of it. It was noisy in turns and if you gave it a little throttle in the turn the back of the car would shift back and forth. Installed a standard Eaton posi unit and the customer is very happy with it. But it is your car so do what you want. JMHO