Ok, first tech post


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How do I replace the turn signal indicator light bulb in the dash? My left bulb is out. I haven't gotten under the dash to look up there yet but I was wondering how to get at it. Thanks.


Well, I have to say that I don't know if you really can get at that indicator bulb from under the dash. I've just pulled the dash module and replaced the bulbs that way. It's pretty easy. The trim panel just pulls off (make sure you keep track of the metal clips) then a couple of 7mm bolts and the module comes out far enough to access the bulbs. While I was in there I just replaced them all so I don't have to go back.


Does the trim panel pull off just like the radio trim panel? If thats right it shouldn't be to hard...I also have some bulbs that need replaced. Thanks


It is held on in exactly the same way. Just be a little careful as it is a bigger panel and you could break it if you get carried away.


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Do the bulbs just twist out? I tried that and the bulb and socket fell in, now I can't get to it. Or does just the bulb pull out? Thanks