Oil Dipstick Tube Challenge with GN1 Aluminum Heads and TA Headers

Hello All...

I'm having a challenge installing the factor stock TR oil dipstick tube on my 109 block. (86 T-Type)

The tube design/curvature does not allow for correct installation with both the GN1 aluminum heads and factory replacement TA headers...at least in my setup...tube is so tight, not allowing the correct angle to insert into engine block.

Been trying to fabricate small bends to assist, but no positive results.

Any suggestions?



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It's a challenge for sure, I cut a notch in to the header flange with a round carbide but, but still required tweaking on the tube bends, small steps at a time so not to kink it. The one I did even had aluminum head clamps that made it even more difficult, but it can work.

It may require installing the dipstick tube first with the header loose, then tighten header.
Thumper...thank you for your input...

I feel your pain!

I'll fabricate some more...I did try installing the dipstick first--good idea, then bolted up the header--unfortunately, dipstick tube / preventing header to snug up to head, I had about 1/8" to 1/4" open gap...seems you need a PH D to work in!!

Happy Spooling!!
Hey Scott - thanks for mentioning this option...I do have the lokar oil dipstick assembly -- although seems with the RJC girdle I have installed this type of dipstick is a little short to provide an accurate oil reading?

Good news this evening I eventually now have the stock oil dipstick tube installed -- albeit a little awkward using two large washers to "press" and secure a portion of the tube mount that would normally fit over the header bolt...basically, improvised what I needed!!

Again...much appreciate your input.