OE valve covers finish?


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does anyone have a paint code or powder coat color that matches the factory finish of LC2 valve covers?

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Jay, Adam's got it. none of them were painted from the factory...

for re-finishing...

the cleaning effect of medium glass beads provides a factory finish....only the outside as glass bead media gets trapped in micro pores. best practice is to ultrasonic clean post glass bead media blasting. if no ultra sonic then rinse, rinse, and rinse again will be fine since only the outside was done in the blast cabinet. not a problem if you do wet media blasting with glass beads. brake cleaner, stoddard solvent, or jet wash will take care of oil residue on inside. tape-off the engine serial # label to preserve it. unsure if soft heat from hair dryer will soften 37 year old dried out adhesive to permit safe removal for re-installation.
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I Wet Sanded mine with 400 up to 2000 then Polished a bunch of times with White Diamond Metal Polish.I think they came out pretty good I get a lot of Comments at Shows.


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Glass beads were used to get the finish in this pic. Outside only as Anthony mentioned. I used a very fine glass bead which smoothed the surface which helps when cleaning. A rag with some brake cleaner cleansing them right up. The previous owner painted the intake, plenum, and valve covers a grey color that was turning yellow. I prefer the raw aluminum look.


Anodized aluminum powder coat here also but without clear. This was the only aluminum color option the shop had but I thought it was close enough. I opted to wet sand and polish the lines as well.