NOS Evaporator Core or Aftermarket Alternative


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I have searched everywhere and it seems they are no longer available anywhere..... the ones listed for our car now don't have the correct length and bend to connect to the Accumulator.... so what are people doing? Do you think i can just buy the one that is available and have someone modify and lengthen the tube that goes to the Accumulator and Condenser?

Anyone have a stash somewhere that wants to let one go?



That is aggravating to know. These aftermarket people make the most obscure parts for other cars, but make nothing for Buicks. No new tail light lenses, for example. Mine are good, but wouldn't mind fresh, new ones. I just went to Classic industries where they have a Regal catalogue. You know what they have when you search tail light lenses? Bulbs! o_O


Try posting in the parts wanted section. I just got one shipped to me from another member that was removing AC from his car

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