non adjustable WG vs adjustable


Currently i have a non adjustable wastgate and use a manual boost controller to achieve 16 lbs of boost. Now i am adding alky and wondering if i should add an adjustable wastegate or just turn it up with the manual boost controller.
I always wondered why use an adj WG if i have a boost controller that will go up to 30 lbs. I only went by what the guy i bought the boost controller said.


V8-2 cylinders=2x the $
I just ordered one and can't wait...had one on another turbocharged car and they are superior i think, one thing they do well is control boost creep much better versus the manual wastegate and it also (especially since you got the alky kit) allows u to fine-tune the boost right in your car while watching the gauge....u may need that extra pound or so and a lil extra turn on the alky knob when the ZO6 creeps up next to ya' :)