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Back again. I went out and tried to start again and noticed something abnormal. Usually when I turn the key on I hear the fuel pump run for a second then it stops and as I continue turning it starts. Now when I turn the key I hear the fuel pump run and it keeps running. Is there a relay that can act up in cold weather and stick? It's only 31 degrees here. I hope I explained it correctly. Thanx Ed


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Once the car is cranked enough and has over 4 psi. of oil pressure with the key in the ON postion the fuel pump will run continuously.

Can't tell from your post if that is what is happening but that's how it works through the oil pressure sender wiring.
the fuel pump running continuously shouldn't keep it from starting unless you have an injector stuck open and dumping fuel. I'd check the pressure and see how long it takes to bleed down. If an injector is stuck open it will bleed down in seconds.


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^ It actaully will. Back in the 90's when I built my first hotwire kit, I used a switched wire to trigger my relay. It would cause the car to flood and not crank until I moved it to the actual fuel pump trigger lead.

MRED355, what you're seeing is normal. The pump only runs for a couple seconds and key-on to prime the system. Once the engine busts off, if the ECM commands the pump to run full time.
Thanks everyone for all the ideas. I tore the fuel injection system apart and found two potential problems. One was a torn o ring on number 4 injector and the rest of the O rings need replacement as they are old. Also went to open the return line and found it loose. I could turn it with my fingers. It ran fine during the summer; but the cold weather must be affecting the tired O rings. I will try to clean and test the injectors and if they are fine I will replace all the O rings and put it back together. If not I will replace them. Thanx for all the help. Ed
Alright. I cleaned the injectors and checked the ohms and they were fine. Also checked the flow and it was fine. Replaced all the o rings on the injectors and fuel rail and crossed my fingers. It fired right up and I got it up to temp and took a 15 minute ride . I turned it off for a few minutes and re started it and took another ride. I came back and had to slow the idle down as it speed up a couple of hundred RPM. I runs much smoother now and also starts quicker. Thanks to everyone for all the help.