No fuel pump ses light


Driving last night,,,came to a stop, and the 86 GN died....had it towed home..
checked ecm, fuel/inj fuses, replaced ecm, ecm has power and ground appears to be good...
Still no SES light, or fuel pump run...applied 12v to fuel pump direct wire behind alternator, still no fuel pump run...
About to pull starter, and check fusible links there...I have the shop manuals, any ideas???
Car is basically stock with 38lbs inj, and TT chip..



The gm fuel pump is only about 3 years old, and would not explain the SES light not displaying..think I have a fusible link or ground issue....


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Did you probe circuits 439 and 440 as described in chart A1 in the shop manual? A1 is in the driveability and emissions section.


I think I foun it...looks like the fuel pump.....Ran a 12v feed to the fuel umplead, still not running....gotta be the pump...


The ses light had fallen out of its socket..and the actual problem ended up being a bad connection in the trunk right before it exits the taillight panel....
Fuel pump was still good...
Time for a hotwire kit!!!

Thanks for all the help..I've owned this car since new...never has let me down before this....


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When you turn on the Ignition switch, ecm sends power to run the pump for a few seconds as well as light up the SES light.

Bulb falling out and bad connection=somebody messing with car and not the GN itself causing the problem.