no park??

ok the car doesn't. have any linkage hooked up just the trans to the motor an convertor an of course driveshaft...
now when I turn the selector to park the the rear wheels still spin.. ive tried all the way back an all the way forward. with same results.
im wondering if I pull the pan off. is there something fairly simple I could be looking for ??


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sounds like the z bar link from lever to selector shaft may be unhooked
drop pan and see , you can also see if the park lever pawl is engaging or stuck
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You'll have to pull the pan and see. The z bar that connects to the manual valve is separate from the park linkage (will still have park if the z bar is off) but it's possible to install the valve body with the z bar flipped to the wrong position and that may prevent park, I dunno I've never tried it.