no oil pressure


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Jan 10, 2004
was going to fire up my 87 turbo regal for a memorial day drive. since car has not been driven for a while I went through the steps for priming the oil pump. my procedure is to remove the plugs, and crank for ~30 seconds. oil pressure reached 75 psi (mechanical oil pressure gauge). i prefer this over spinning the pump through cam sensor port (getting the timing reset has presented problems in the past). reinstalled the plugs, cranked the engine and it started fine.

immediate squeal had me turning the engine off ( maybe ran for ~2 seconds). from that point forward i do not have any oil pressure. removed the plugs (again). opened up the oil pump housing to check for a cracked gear tooth or spinning shaft on pressed on pump gear. all looked fine. reviewed the many tb blogs on this issue, and can't diagnose the problem. repacked gears with vasoline, installed a new oil filter and still no oil pressure. will follow texasT's suggestion to see if oil is being pumped to rockers, but I believe the mechanical oil pressure gauge is my best indicator of pressure, since it is plumbed directly into the oil pump. car has been very lightly driven since rebuild (anderson performance/bill coleman). cannot rule out the pan intake being clogged, and would expect no intake yields no output. following that reasoning, cannot explain a clogged intake. oil was changed ~ 2 months ago and ran fine after words. fyi, do not want to remove the deep sump pan since crossover would need removal (did this ~10 years ago and do not want to repeat it).

my concern is the squeal following start. is there another gear i should be considering as a source? this, plus the fact that i was able to get oil pressure before the initial start is puzzling.

if anyone has a strategy or further ideas for diagnosis, please share.



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Sep 29, 2007
I’d take the time to pull the pan & remove cross over pipe to have a look.
Alternative will be a whole lot more having to pull the engine from the result and damage !


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Mar 6, 2002
Do you have a plastic line to your mechanical oil pressure gauge? Obvious I know but verify it’s intact.

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Jan 11, 2009
I mean what kinda squeal was it ? Was your belt slipping ? If you had oil pressure I am thinking your belt was squealing. It’s hard to say though. I would rather hear a squeal then any kinda mechanical knocking when firing a engine for the first time . If it was my motor I would start it make sure oil pressure comes up then get the rpms up around 25-3200 . Is your cam new ?


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Oct 1, 2001
If all was good before, I would pull the fuel pump fuse and keep cranking over the motor till I saw oil pressure before removing the cam sensor. You should be able to see something after 4 or 5 try's. Then check the line to the mechanical gauge to make sure no debris is plugging that line. If that fails, it's time to pull the cam sensor and dig further.