Nick Micale Arizonagn

'87 Turbo "T"

What a shitshow!
What was it with Nick and Colorado guys?

Seems NONE of them CO guys could be satisfied.

Mebbe they should have stayed Local with Jason Cramer, turn coats!
Hey now!! Haha!

Can’t say I’ve bought anything from Nick. But I have gotten some good tech help from him.

I will third Jason. He’s about as close to CO as any other than John & Justin at Caspers.

Caspers is about 45 minutes from me or 1 day Priority Mail. Jason I usually get my stuff in a couple days.

Now if only we had some engine builders closer……

Chuck Leeper

8/10's of a century!
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Is that wishful thinking or your colorful imagination at work ?

Either way 😄
My colorful imagination!!
Here's an example....
This is my wife. We're headed out to the shooting range. ;)
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