nice original buick gn for sale in so cal area


must sell 24k o.b.o 951 833 1967 make offer
If you are looking for a Grand National then you are already aware of what these cars are all about and how difficult it has become to find an unmolested example (not driven a ¼ mile at a time). This GN has been garaged most of its life. It has only had two adult owners and almost 12 years with the current owner. This Grand National has been meticulously cared for since day one, with most of the service performed at the local Buick Dealer.
Car and Driver reported a 0-60 blast that claimed this car the title "Fastest US Production Car of 1987". The turbocharged, intercooled Buicks were the fastest American production cars of their era, and yes even over the Corvette. Rumor has it that this is why GM pulled the plug on these Buicks. They would not have a vehicle in their fleet that could outperform the flagship Corvette.
Production: 20,193
Engine: 3.8L V6 Turbo 245 bhp @ 4400 rpm, 355 ft-lb @ 2000 rpm
Performance: 1/4 mile in 14.23 seconds @ 98 mph
Features of this car:
o Only 20,193 Grand Nationals were produced in 1987
o 3.8L V6 Turbo 245 bhp @ 4400 rpm, 355 ft-lb @ 2000 rpm
o Tilt, Cruise, Power Seat, Power Antenna, Concert Sound II, PS, PDB, Rear Defogger, Ice cold Air Conditioning
o The only Non-Factory features are Edelbrock shocks, a K&N air filter insert and a Lou Czarnota (Lake Forest, CA) street performance chip in the EMC
o Just over 70k original miles
o Extremely nice paint – repainted once to eliminate the typical hood checking
o Very straight panels with no rust – this car is a Southern California Native
o All trim in very good condition
o All glass is original and perfect
o Wheels are true and in excellent condition
o Tires have approximately 5k miles
o Black painted centers and caps very nice – sale includes NOS set of center caps
Mechanical condition:
o Engine starts immediately, runs cool and idles smoothly
o Transmission shifts strong and firm - no hesitation or slipping of any kind
o Ride is extremely tight and quiet
o Suspension is firm and tight; brakes work well; car drives straight
o All accessories and lights work as they should – including the cruise control and power antenna which are typical problems for these cars
Interior Condition:
o All upholstery in excellent condition – even driver’s side seat bolsters
o Carpet very clean – including original floor mats
o Door panels are mint – even top of driver’s door
o Dash in great condition - sale includes NOS dash top insert
o Headliner does not sag like typical on this era GM car (was replaced last year)
o Center console and all interior plastic in great condition
o Nothing missing or broken
o Door sill plates are in good condition – sale includes NOS set of plates
o Trunk is neat, clean, and stock appearing--trunk mat is mint
All pre-owned cars will have some flaws. It's simply the nature of time, use, and being exposed to the environment. No matter how original, restored, or well-maintained and no matter how many "only driven to Church on Sundays by little old ladies" have owned them. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either flat out lying or blind. Please feel free to ask me any questions prior to the end of the auction. I am not a car salesman and I will tell you the REAL truth. This is my father’s personal car and I know every detail about this car. Feel free to make arrangements to come inspect the car yourself or by someone you trust, at your own expense.
The flaws on this car are very minor. You won't find anything that's not be expected of a car of this age and mileage. As you can see from the pictures, the overall exterior of this GN is outstanding! The body is laser straight and the paint is a mile deep. Mechanically, this car is flawless. The car is clean and dry underneath, with no leaks that I could find. Remember this car is from Southern California and has been garaged most of its life. There is no rust anywhere


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first off prices are negotciable im not some idiot who claims there negotciable by dropping a few hundred bucks im ready to deal

you know your right the price is to high i think you should by one with 110k miles on ebay for 9500 then bring it home, find out it needs a new turbo and a million vacuum hoses then finaly get it running perfect 3k later and then the a/c breaks, so theres another 500 bucks, Teh you decide it needed paint afterall and then drop another 3500 on paint. Now over 16k later you finaly get it out of paint and body then on your way home you line up a mustang to kill but for some reason your tranny goes out oops there 1500 bucks.

as you can see my car is 99% perfect it is clener than most 10k cars i have about 10 hrs in the detailed undercarriage it needs nothing and truely stunning up close so in closing i just say YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR



also i failed to mention it has a six month old 7k paint job with no orange peel or NO SCRATCHES , i just put brand new tires on it, brand spankin new hooker exhaust, just smogged it and detailed it and the radio and power antenna works does yours? if you like dirty innerfenderwells and grease this car is not for you im a true car guy whos life consists of taking care of my car. I challenge someone to drive a real low milage one and compare it to mine

and also it stills smells new (never farted in), no one has ever ridden in the backseat

I just drove it today also it has ice cold a/c working everthing just needs a new home so i can make room for my race car
Good luck on the price range!

My 87 is a rust free matching numbers mint condition car with 66K original miles needing nothing and I'm having a real hard time squeezing 15K out of it... Ebay only peeled out 13K max in 3 attempts. My horse may finally come in today after 4 months of trying and the prospective new owner is still trying to beat me down on price.. I won't budge though.

My next victim is a 105K miler 99% rust free GN with bad paint but killer rebuilt engine for $6500..



ive turned down 17500 cash in my face, my car is to clean my buddy who is gn gurro looked at mine at said the engine and underneath are cleaner than his 9k mile car my stuff is pampered the paint feels like silk try the rest then come buy the best.
A 9K mile car will draw more than a 70K mile car, even if it is clean. Clean up of an older car with even 150K miles can be done with chemicals, painting, detailing and elbow grease... Plus a couple of days labor.

Low miles are piceless...

Ask a collector for future value assessment. I can easily see a 9K mile car in nice shape go for the mid 20's.

Time always tells the tale...

Have that $17.5K offer guy come my way. I'll let my super clean GN go for $16K with it's super clean history and original 66K miles. I'll kick you back $400.:biggrin: