Nice 84 T-Type Family Owned


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Now that there is a great car to start your ls conversion. We all no you can dump as much as you want to keep it a v6 but with a clean 84 to start with it will be worth 4 times as much swapped I wish you were closer to md lol. I’d show you guys what I mean !!!


Turbo Regal Obsessed
This is a very opinionated statement. If you love the LS platform so much perhaps you should drive a Monto Carlo SSand maybe not screw a very rare example of a T-Type! Some are just plain stupid. No cure for that. 😠

Fat Nat

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Lmao. Because a grand national or t type is nothing more than a glorified regal. Who the hell wants to drive an ugly ass Monte Carlo anyway !!! There’s one of my grand nationals with an lsx lol. Oh it’s blue too !!!


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