Nice 84 T-Type Family Owned


Selling my 1984 Buick T-Type Blue metallic with blue two tone interior.
Car has been in the family since it left the showroom floor in Burlington, N.C. on August 28th, 1984. My grand mother purchased the car and drove it to and from the store for about 15 years. Total of 67k miles put on it. After she could no longer drive around 2000 it sat in her driveway until I asked her if i could have it in 2005. She gave me the car with 67k miles on it and I drove it to Florida without issue. It was immediately stored in my garage and taken care of. In 2010 it was stripped down and primed and re-painted with using original paint codes. It got new door and trunk seals, window sweeps, bumper fillers, body mounts, window motors, emblems, shocks, trunk carpeting, front seats re-done, and the list goes on. Its always been garaged kept when it was with me but unfortunately the last cpl years in NC with bad door seals caused the backseat driver floor pan to get soft. Easy fix though. I hit a sign with driver side and it bent the bumper and broke the bumper filler. Bumper was replaced and filler was replaced with original filler and of course after cpl years it rotted out. Looking back i should have just replaced it with aftermarket one. So that is why you see the missing front driver side filler. Around 2012 the odometer tried to hit 80K but got stuck then spun its self to some random number. So the odometer is not correct but since its only driven about 1k miles a year at most. It still is under 90k miles on it.
The exterior is 8.5/10. The interior is in good shape. Needs meticulously cleaned more that anything. its a 7 or so out of 10. Has good new headliner and new front seats with power driver side that all works. It needs the front and rear dash caps and its would be complete. Some fading but nothing missing.
Mechanically its around 7 too. I have no worries about going out in the garage and starting it right up and taking it for a drive. The original motor has never been broken open and is solid, run good with plenty of pull and good boost. However after 35 years the next step for me was to pull it and do a full rebuild under the hood, but its hard to do that knowing its running fine. Tranny shifts good with no issues. Small leak in hydroboost but I have another one already here to go in to, just haven't got around to putting it on. Other than that that brakes are superb and will stop in a hurry. much as hurry as they ever did with 1984 standards. :) Car rides like a cloud and is comfortable to drive. Heat and AC has been deleted as it had a leaky heater core and the AC compressor went and all refrigerant leaked out. Was going to delete it anyway for more downpipe room with an eventual 86/87 conversion i never got around to doing.
it has been upgraded to 86/87 ignition coil and module. Has dual electric fans with temperature controller mounted in glove box. Upgraded up-pipe.
Brand new tires.
Brand New battery.
Brand new alternator.

I am in Ocala, Florida area. THE PRICE IS 3,800.00 ........FIRM. Three Thousand Eight Hundred Dollars. Its well within, what it is worth. I am a realist and know hot air turbos are not as desired as 86/87 inter-cooled but at 3800 its still a steal. And no its not stolen. LOL I have all the original windows stickers, bill of sales, and even the original papers talking about thermo-gaurd coating and goodyear tiny spare tire.

My family has gotten over 35 years of joy out of this car and we are ready to part ways to make room in the garage for new things. I hope someone will appreciate it as much as we have.

Thanks all.


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What are the details on the paint? was all of the trim, mirrors, handles.... all pulled before paint? Is the car worthy of a road trip to its new home?


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Wow,she is a super sexy T[emoji7],talk about giving it away,GLWS.I have a 85 T the same color with 90,000 miles an the wife drives it everywhere.

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I tried to PM you but it will not let me. I am very interested in the car and have cash in hand if it is what I am looking for.
I am very interested in buying this if it is still available. please shoot me a message to exchange phone numbers. Cash in hand ready to go

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Now that there is a great car to start your ls conversion. We all no you can dump as much as you want to keep it a v6 but with a clean 84 to start with it will be worth 4 times as much swapped I wish you were closer to md lol. I’d show you guys what I mean !!!


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Last time the OP was on the board was March 9th, your guess is as good as mine if he will be back, sorry guys. Ty


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Now that there is a great car to start your ls conversion. We all no you can dump as much as you want to keep it a v6 but with a clean 84 to start with it will be worth 4 times as much swapped I wish you were closer to md lol. I’d show you guys what I mean !!!


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This is a very opinionated statement. If you love the LS platform so much perhaps you should drive a Monto Carlo SSand maybe not screw a very rare example of a T-Type! Some are just plain stupid. No cure for that. 😠

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Lmao. Because a grand national or t type is nothing more than a glorified regal. Who the hell wants to drive an ugly ass Monte Carlo anyway !!! There’s one of my grand nationals with an lsx lol. Oh it’s blue too !!!


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