Nice 12k mi gn on ebay


Little things catch my eye and that little 6$ chrome piece for the shifter did not come with car from the dealer back in the day???Not a big deal when the asking price is 29000 plus.
nasty001, What are you talking about on the shifter? Looks just like when it came from the factory to me ?? Yes it's over rated and has the used car dealer shine but I personally think it's real miles or close to. Look at the interior, it's close to as NEW !! Has some upgrades but engine compartment is pretty darn clean and as far as the paint goes, hell my buddy up here that owned number 005 GNX with 400 miles on it had just as sh-tty paint on it. Cameras on close ups show things in a completely different light,
and REALLY make things stand out. (such as orange peel) I see the car is running in some of the photos but they must of had the radio on ALL the time OR?? the antenna is busted ??