New XFI Software


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Not yet, Adrian :( It does have a lot of cool new features that those with skills (like yourself) will enjoy :cool:


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Thanks Cal, You know i am on the upgrade list and will call you once i am back from Africa to get things going.

Talk to you soon



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I hear it is supposed to release today..... as Cal stated earlier....they do have the self learning enabled even for the boosted applications....


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Think i will stick with tuning my own ve table i have found that on my old fast xfi i sold my ve numbers were lower 80s on higher boost levels with the xfi i just installed in my car with the same fuel system the no numbers have to be set higher in order to hit my afr.with a small amount of correction anybody have any idea why this is.


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There are a lot of variables. The biggest culprit could be voltage.
If you had to go higher than 80's on a turbo Buick, I would log fuel pressure.