new T handle tps sensor IAC sensors vac lines


elbows & a$$holes
I have for sale the following parts.
A new stock T handle for the stock shifter. The color is black. What you see in the pic is what you get.
$40 shipped to the lower 48

A good used Wells TPS sensor for 86/87 turbobuicks. $18 shipped to the lower 48

I have 4 good used IAC sensors for 86/87 turbobuicks. The first 3 sold will come with free screws, the first 2 sold will come with new gaskets. $18 each shipped to the lower 48 only.

Nice condition vac lines with the vac block. The one bolt hole tab that bolts to the plenum is broke off where most of them break. does not affect anything, see pics. $25 shipped to the lower 48 only.



The Street killer V6
I would like one good condition TPS sensor , IAC sensor with screws, and the factory vacuum block and lines. Price for all 3? Lmk


elbows & a$$holes
turboterrorv6, I've sent you a pm on the 21st, at this point, I'm going to assume you decided to pass.

Vacuum lines and tps sensor still available, as are the IAC sensors


elbows & a$$holes
I have the tips sensor and a iac sensor left.
Tps sensor comes with correct bolts, as the iac sensor with all new gaskets and is super like new clean.
$25 shipped for both