New Spoolfool Carbon Fiber bumpers.


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Hot off the press. My all new, carbon fiber, smoothie bumpers.
Or, you can buy just the outside carbon fiber shell/ skin.
As of right now, it's all sold out. I hope to have more done in the next few weeks. It sells as soon as I make it. I've got a few skins left that I'll be shipping to BG.

Not surprised at all they sold out your products are fantastic!


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Carbon fiber skins are $400.00 each.
Carbon fiber bumpers with back brace are $700.00 each.
WOW that's very affordable for what they are! No wonder your sold out already. Im sure many of us want to know, do you take pre orders for the next batch?


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I’m guessing you won’t be able to make enough to keep up with demand by the GS Nationals. That is a great problem to have. I’ll stop by and say hello. You didn’t install my rear bumper filler; the last one you had at the Nats last year but I forgive you… I traded that 87 in on a built 86 that I will be running this year. ☮️ Rich