New Site Update - June 2022


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We are very close to reintegrating the missing data with this install but I need a few more people to test the restored board. If youre interested in testing, please PM me and Ill provide you the info.



Thank you Jay and Shane for all your hard work... it will be incredible if some of the old photo's, threads and info can be brought back! :)

Anthony P

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From previous site admin messages, my understanding is that the reintegration of missing data only covers two years...

from May 10, 2020(?) - the date the board was restored to after the March 2022 crash


somewhere in March 2022 just before the latest crash.

the 20 years of data, pics, attachments, etc that were lost in the "server fire" of 2019(?) are long gone.

perhaps @JayC or someone could confirm what data is being recovered?


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This copy of the board is missing about a years worth of posts and maybe 3000 user accounts. When we finish the reintegration, all of that will be restored.

Sadly we dont have a backup for the missing attachments.