"NEW" Radiator Top Plates

scot w.

We used to make the carbon fiber radiator top plates years ago and had to stop making them due to the company that made them. We are pleased to announce that we teamed up with SpoolFool Productions to bring back the Carbon Fiber radiator top plate that we made years ago but with much more quality than before. We are also pleased to offer the same Flat style top plate but in gloss black fiberglass with the same quality as his bumper fillers. All "Flat style" radiator top plates from GNS Performance will come with a button head bolt kit with washers!

PS: We are also doing some testing on the Black fiberglass plates on Laser engraving Buick Motorsports on them. Will keep everyone posted on that...

Right now we have an order coming in so you can pre order yours now and as soon as it comes in we will ship them out right away.

Click here to place your order: http://www.gnsperformance.com/cooling-g-body

CARBON FIBER Top Plate = $179.00
Carbon Radiator top plate.jpg

Carbon Radiator top plate4.jpg

Black Gel Coat Fiberglass Top Plate - $129.00
Fib Radiator top plate.jpg

Fib Radiator top plate3.jpg

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This was a cool project. Glad we could team up on this thing and make it happen. :)

Mike Barnard

scot w.

Thanks! We received our shipment in Friday.. The pending orders we had are already shipped out..

Our "OEM" Fiberglass replica top plates come with a new Fan Sticker already in place for $129.00

OEM rad cover w-sticker2.jpg

Our Carbon Fiber Top Plates come with a stainless button head bolt kit for $179.00

Carbon Radiator top plate.jpg

The "Smoothie" Fiberglass top plate comes with the same stainless button head bolt kit for $129.00
Fib Radiator top plate.jpg
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My son won an OEM style top plate at Bates. I have to say, I'm really impressed how nice that thing is. Will go good when he gets electric fans for his MCSS (y)