NEW PRODUCT- Cam Sensor Balancer Kit from Richard Clark and Turbo Nasty

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NEW PRODUCT- Cam Sensor Balancer Kit from Richard Clark/@A2000RICH and Turbo Nasty.

The old thread was lost when site crashed a few weeks back. And final few tweaks were waiting until after the nats

This product will balance the cam sensor and I will have rebuild kits available for the cam sensor also.

Even in new condition the factory cam sensor is out of balance and has an inherent vibration and buzzes at speed promoting wear on its various parts.

One part that is affected is the screw that holds the reluctor cup to cam sensor shaft can loosen and then the cup will shear off its locating tab and then the fuel timing changes and engine will back fire and stumble or even worse blow the head gaskets if in a high load scenario.

Another parts that is very important and affected by the vibration often and overlooked is the roll pin that holds the gear on cam sensor that also drives the oil pump. Roll pins fail and the engine loses oil pressure and then a train wreck ensues.

The new product will balance the cam sensor assembly and include a new roll pin.

The pro kit will have extra items to rebuild the cam sensor (as long as housing isnt too worn) including washers and bushings.

Prices will be released soon


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turbo nasty

Turbo Dojo / MNTR
Thanks for your patients. Waiting on o rings which will be here later this week. Pricing will be 35 plus shipping for basic kit and 55 plus shipping for pro kit. Once the orings are in I have 5 pro kits ready.

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Heres a basic how to on bending the tab these parts are to be installed by someone who has decent mechanical apptitude. One of the easiest ways to bend it in a vice with soft jaws to keep from marking the part from the teeth in jaws. I realize the vice pictured doesnt have the soft jaws but its best to use. Take your time and bend tab, it may need to be adjusted slightly if you dont get it the first time.

turbo nasty

Turbo Dojo / MNTR
The tab on cup needs to be removed and slot lengthened toward shaft. A small round carbide burr on a dremel makes short work but be careful as it removes alot of material fast. Another option is a needle file. You want to lengthen slot so tab can interface key way with out dragging in cam sensor bore when assembled.


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