New Personal Best tonite


Jack's Smirking Revenge
I run at the local 8th mile track, and last season I attempted to be competitive in the 7.50 heads up pro tree class, but could only muster a best of 7.74@89.....

so this winter i went from blue tops to msd 50's, LT1 Maf and trans, and updated JC "Xplode" race chip (unGodly timing!)

well tonite I ran a best of 7.81@91.2, all 7 runs I made tonite were on 5lb launches, with 1.9-2.0 60ft's. I run on 26x9 hoosier slicks (i know, kinda small) but previously i was able to run 1.7's all day long, I was even taking a full second to go full throttle, but it still spun. air pressure was varied from 15, down to 10lbs and it didnt matter. So I can pretty much assume, this new setup has WAY too much power down low.

The other high point is that I was running 25psi boost (limited by stock actuator) and never saw a degree of knock, even with as low as 41psi static FP....which tells me I have more power to be gained with more boost and "normal" levels of FP.

I do have one question, I know I need bigger tires, but which would gain me more? 26x10's, or 28x9's? As mentioned before, the car has a TON of power off the launch....I use airbags and thats it for suspension mods (not planning on spending money on LCA's at the moment) And when I say gain me more, I mean by hooking, I am willing to sacrifice mph for ET as thats what the class of racing dictates.