New Personal Best Last Weekend 7.25 @189 Mph


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Congratulations Gene! You have worked your butt off on that car and it's really paying off.


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Congrats Gene!

I'm glad you were able to get the bugs worked out and have some good racing weather. (y) I'm suspecting there might be a 6 second time slip in the future.



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Unbelievable obviously this new camshaft really works for you

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That's killer dude,my good friend and I are getting ready to put goofy bob petersons tan car back togother with a stage motor in it so I can go and represent the buick guys here in this part of the country against some of the street outlaw guys. as they are right in my backyard, a lot of fast stuff in this Oklahoma and texas area. Hope I can get it to run like that,nice ride.
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