New PB at Cecil County today


Livin' Like A Refugee
Went to a private track rental today at Cecil County Dragway. Was a good day and alot of people showed up. Track prep was 100% all day.

First pass after driving it in, on beat BFG DRs and no real tune. Had 5.5% pulled out of WOT fuel. Ran through the exhaust. Footbrake ~8psi launch, 22-23psi total of boost.

1.58 60'

7.09 1/8


120.67mph out the back


Third pass, second one it blew the tires away at the hit. Maxed out the RJC valve to get more boost this time it broke 23psi.

1.71 60'

7.200 1/8


Again, didnt get warned.

Best pass of the day. Put the big 28x9" slicks on it and uncapped the exhaust. I got aggressive with the tune and I'll leave it at that...

1.54 60'

6.961 1/8


Not bad at all, and I drove it home too!


Double you eee what?
Nice work! Congrats in the 10sec slip. If this is just pump/alky tune, it'll put you on the list I think.


Livin' Like A Refugee
Thanks everyone. Sorry for the late reply, been a busy morning for me. The tune was not safe at all, not anywhere near what any of us would call safe.... And thats all I have to say about that. My combo is as listed my signature. The 10.97 pass was probably 26 or so pounds, I uncapped the exhaust for that run. Hence the tune being all kinds of unsafe...

Yes WE4Mateo, it was a 93(with some 87 mixed in) and meth injection. Still a full weight 100% street legal GN that sees about 8K miles a year.

Oh, and that high pitched screeching noise you hear over the car; that would be my TE-62 self destructing in the name of cracking the 10-second barrier....

Here is the video of my three best passes. Many thanks to my good friend Jesse Kleiber of Kleiber Motorsports for getting them on film. Go give him a Like if you will.