New Parts from Coach available in Bowling Green 2017


Bo ran away with my goat :(
Hello Guys
I just pulled the trigger on a new part for our cars that 95% of us def need.
I do not have pics yet but I will upload them soon.
I made a brace that takes the "sag" out of the flimsy cover that goes under the dash wiring.
It takes 2 mins to install it and it is completely hidden. Even a 100% stock Show Car can install it and nobody will ever see it. A show judge that knows our cars will just think you got the flattest panel GM ever made.

I'll have these in Bowling Green for $20 Cash & Carry.

It's so simple....I dont even need to add instructions.

Stop by my tent. I'll be set up next to GNS Performance on the road by the gas pumps.

See everyone in about 10 days.



You're very kind. Some day it will get you killed.
I hate how that frigging panel warps. My buddy is going to bg. I'll have him pick one up for me.