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1986 Buick GX1

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Welcome to the forum.

All I have to say is The Tubes.... as in She’s a Beau- - uty!!

Congratulations and welcome to the saga, Broken parts and empty wallets! Lol

'87 Turbo T-Type

What a complete shitshow!!
Thanks Guys. He also sent me the RPO codes. It does in-fact have the D84.

Seems like a lifelong SC car. I told him I'd let him know by this weekend.


'87 Turbo T-Type

What a complete shitshow!!
It does in fact have the D84. The owner sent me the RPO/SPID codes from the trunk.

Seems to be a lifelong SC car. I have until this weekend to decide.



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Too late, I already bought it! :p He who hesitates is lost so you better grab that sweet heart when you can. Let us know soon as y'all get off the phone with him shortly and closed the deal.

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WELCOME!!... Great price if those photos where taken recently. I wouldn't wait until the weekend, I would go ahead a piss the better half off right now , because if you purchase car, that would be the normal baggage... Love, Cash and Arguments. You will figure it out. Good Luck.
BTW : If you decide not to buy car, PM ,I will buy it with cash money. I'm less than 200 miles from Greenville, SC. Just over the Mtn.