New Member-Texas 87 Turbo T

All, I have been working on getting a 87 Turbo T (this one's not a T-type as I've learned from the forum) and appreciate all the knowledge I have been reading. Over the past few months I have learned a lot coming from the small block Chevy world. So far, besides the the spring cleaning on a car that sat for 10 years- Driver's side header was cracked all the way around and replaced with a TA performance header (excellent fit and no leaks)-
Took out the Kenne Belle Ultimate Chip and replaced with a Turbo Tweak, and fought the Powermaster system, though I was winning until the Motor burned out while on a Turbo Tweak test drive and left me with a rock hard pedal and no stopping power. Decided to go vacuum this week as my dream car is a daily driver. God bless all and thanks for all the good advice on this forum-


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Welcome aboard CenTex.
Definitely get a Scanmaster on it, to help keep it in one piece. Unless you already have one. I consider it mandatory for a daily driver. Sounds like you're on the right track with what you've done so far.
Keep us posted and again, welcome aboard.

Hey brother, great to meet you! Awesome seeing another turbo Buick brother. I’ll kick you a text, definitely need to meet up!