New Member, had an 87 GN, looking to buy an 87 TR

I posted an ad in the 'Wanted" section and have been pleased with the warm welcome thus far. Thank you.

Around Turbo Buicks from when they were practically new, I owned an 87 GN and sold in 1997. Fun car, but was hitting the next chapter in life. No regrets, and now want to get back into an 87 Turbo Regal.

I love GM cars from the 1980s and have owned over a half-dozen. Looking at various threads and posts, lots of great cars and ideas, and amazing how technology looks to have soldiered on... In the 80s, it was a chip and crank up the boost... Then came the "recipe cars", and now it looks like they are taking advantage of converted parts from other GM vehicles - like steering shafts, blazer brakes, etc.

Anyways, checking out the site some more tonight. Cheers.



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Welcome aboard and hope to have you back. Lots of cool options. What about an 89 Turbo Trans Am?
The best Pontiac, Buick ever made. ;)
GN engine with good 80s arrow and handling.

T-Type? Total sleeper that will take many six figure exotics behind the wood shed.

Limited, Turbo-T? Lots of ways to get your Turbo Buick fix. Let us know if you have any questions and once again,

Welcome aboard. :)

Mike Barnard
Mike, I have a 5.7L 1989 GTA Convertible. IMO, it's the best (and I had a couple of 89 TTA cars which my friends left with me for months, back in the early 90s when they were close to new. Rough, compared to a 5.7L - just my opinion).

I've narrowed it down to a Hardtop 1987 in either Gray or Blue. Buckets and console, power windows and W02. Stock, or light mods. If I can find some of the cars I've found over the years, I should be able to get this one, albeit tough. Thanks again.