New LT1 MAF with Translator


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Purchased NEW LT1 MAF with Translator. Issue on setting 3 base 0 WOT Car starts with very rough idle and sputters when given gase. On 1or 2 base same just not as harsh. Could it be the stock chip or the IAT sensor or both? Started and ran good with stock but very rich.


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Car is completely stock. No mods Stock chip, stock turbo everything except the new LT1 maf and translator. I set the dips as directed to on on on off 3 base 0 wot. It started and ran like shit. Went back to 0- 0 not much difference. 1-0 a little better 2-0 same as 1-0 .

'87 Turbo "T"

What a complete shitshow!!
There are others here that know way more than me. I would suggest getting a chip from Eric at Turbotweak.

Greatly improved idle, drivebility, etc....


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You should have started with a Turbo Tweak chip . The stock chip is not good for todays fuel with too much timing .


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Don't you hate it when you follow the instructions and it dose not work.
first clue to me is you reinstalled the OE MAS and it runs but rich. Is this assumption because it smells rich or do you have a Wideband ?
You said stock so I think not. Do you have a SCANMASTER ?
IAT ? dose your Scanmaster show any AIT temp ? even if it doesn't I can't see that being the problem.
Have you checked every plug on your Translator ? No bent pens.
Once we know you have a scanmaster this will help.
The directions say All Others I think it would include Stock, have you pulled the ECU and seen stock? I was told 15 years back mine was all stock. It had a Kenn Bell.