New GN owner in TN


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Nov 25, 2017
Hello everyone ! Just found this sight and have been reading on here all day while at work .
A lot of good info ! Picked up my first GN about 2 years ago . Got it home and it has sat in my shop collecting dust . When I bought it the intake and some top end parts were off the motor but everything was there in the trunk . Not sure of history on the car or what work was being done so I've got some work ahead of me finding out what's going on with it.
Finally getting to a point where I've got some time to start doing some work on the car. I've had several Camaros, Trans Ams , Mustangs, etc .... but never a turbo Buick . I've got a lot to learn about this car .
With not knowing what's going on with the motor , I'm thinking about just getting it rebuilt . Hoping to find a reputable shop that's not too far from me to take the motor to without me having to have it shipped . I'm about 30 minutes east of Memphis TN so if anyone knows a shop please let me know.
Looking forward to gaining a lot of GN knowledge from this forum !
( I'll get some pics up soon for anyone wanting to see a dusty GN )

Steve V

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Jan 5, 2004
Welcome to the forum! And black crack! I am in Virginia, and there's some good shops in NC as well. People are very helpful on here so ask away. Lots of action on the Facebook groups as well.
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Apr 24, 2015
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Welcome to the site. Beautiful country in Tn. As mentioned, there is a lot of info available here.
Unfortunately when you get bitten by the Buick bug, it's more like getting swallowed whole.
You will notice the fun factor increase proportionately as your bank account decreases as well. Lol Remember, a dusty GN is better than no GN at all.
Again, welcome.
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Buckshot G/N

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Nov 2, 2011
Concord TN
Welcome , well you have had the rest ,as you mention, now try the the best . A dusty GN and a little TLC and $$$ will make you a believer.
I'm in eastern TN a long way from west TN. All the great GN gurus I'm familiar with live way east of you ,VA,NC,PA, MD. But I do remember
a thread a while back about a GN Tech near you in Holly Springs ,MS. Maybe someone will chime in on that person name ? Good Luck ..
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Apr 4, 2002
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Welcome to the site. Lots of good info and great people here. Boost Crew Motorsports is in Louisville KY and specializes in working on these cars.
They are a great source for new and used parts, they build engines from stock to eight second monsters. They are also a vendor here. ;)
Here's some evening reading to get you started.

Knowledge is the key to making this cars fast and dependable. We give that away for free here. :)

Happy spooling and welcome to the site.

Mike Barnard
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