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very old simple set up from 2007. We got 40k out of this engine Beating it to death . high 9s @138 DRIVER. 11s/high 10's would be nothing for it. TUNE TUNE TUNE ;)
RJC girdle
ARP hardware
109 stock block
Diamond .020 pistons
stock crank cut 20/20:eek!:
stock rods:eek!:
SFI balancer and flexplate from Mike@Full Throttle
212/212 Comp roller cam
Champion STEEL ported heads
Cometic Headgaskets (NO they don't leak )
Champion ported stock intake
RJC power plate
stock plenum
stock TB bored to 62mm

Buick Mark

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I currently can’t afford a 15k forged short block.
Just do the forged pistons. stock rods and crank are plenty strong.
Too many people use forged rods and expensive forged/billet cranks when they dont need to, at that power level where those parts would be needed, the stock block would be the next to rip apart.