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I know it a Art Carr 2800-3000 lockup.
But is it a 2800-3000 lockup boat anchor?
I ask about the clutches on the transmission and got one thumb up. This converter came out of the same parts car. Old school Pt-54 or Pt-5469E turbo. Before the car was parked he claimed it went 10.90 ( I’ll never clam BS)
I’ll install the transmission just to prove its good thought I might run the converter and transmission a pass or two.
I have felt my car should 60 foot better, this may be a chance to try something different only expense is couple hours changing it out.
If anything it will give me different data.
Boy this went on so long I’ve talked myself into just leaving my car alone selling the trans and converter cheap as is.


Texas, Where are you from
Not knowing the history, and the condition of the fluid when it came out, and if it was working, locking and such, is a big deal. If it came out clean, putting it back in for a try out would definately be an idea. Is it a good one? Depends on the out come for most.

If you have a combo that you think would benefit from the perceived specs of the converter give her a whirl if you have the time and want to put in the effort. I would have to say that converter tech has moved on from those ac units. Not to discount them. I had a non lock 9" and it would spool like crazy. I think I would be looking at a D Husek 3021 or a dusty spec'd PTC long before I laid on my back in the driveway and swapped in the one you have. Unload it to a young fellow who wants to roll around on the ground and have a trans fluid bath for fun. Heck, twenty yrs ago, I was that guy.

Next option, is find a converter place local to you and see if they will cut it, put in a new bearing and clutch and put their hand into a stall you think you need. Or even send it to someone but that really eats the budget and makes me lean back to the just get a new one with the updated tech.

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Thanks for your time. I’m that guy that really doesn’t want to do this swap it’s just to prove the transmission is good. Fluid came out clean and not burnt. It’s not a converter I would be interested in using but I’m sure it’s looser than what I’m running and it will give me different 60 foot data. I’m positive my mph and ET will be terrible in the 1/4. I believe my 330 will suffer.
im in Hawaii nobody I would trust. Talked to Art yesterday he said it was a Texas AC not one of his but he would rework it for 250 just forgot to ask if he could take a built locking and turn it into a non locking. Not sure I want to go back to locking even with lots of people heading that direction again with 4L80 and turbo 400. Thanks for your in put. Almost talked me out of a transmission bath. Maybe you did.