New crystal tailight leses


Crazy for Sonya!!!
I would love to see some new crystal tailight lenses that are becoming so popular lately. I believe there would be a good market for them. Not just for the regal but all of the g body cars.:cool:


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I hate the clear lences, I wish the cops would inpound everyone who uses them and make them pay hugh fines. Leave that $hit for the rice guys!


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Originally posted by BoostedBug
I have to agree Hyper....Need a law against them.

There is a law against them, they're just not enforced. Last I checked, none are DOT approved. Even those that claim they are. This is good reading:

It's an Oregon DOT site, but they reference the federal laws. They have a link to an informative site with federal standard info. The bottom line is that most, if not all, clear aftermarket lenses are illegal.

Personally, I think they're totally hideous. Even on stock vehicles (Lightning, IS300 come to mind). On stock vehicles, you'll notice that they're not clear lenses, they're clear HOUSINGS. That's why they're legal.



I think a more modern plastic would be good!
If they could make a taillight for the TR that retained the stock look but used the new plastics which would be red but shine...something like the 2002 stock mustang tailights....everyone look at those and try to imagine the TR with new shinny red tailights....I think it would set it off nice!!!:cool:


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I agree with 84TT. I've thought about painting my backup lenses red to match, and I've thought about blackouts...but honestly I think factory looks great just the way it is...but shinier and clearer (like the new Moosewang lights) would be nice. As far as the clear lenses being illegal, I wouldnt write a ticket for a stupid thing like that. We were all 16 once and they're not unsafe...just weird looking. When the kids were using the completely clear lenses with red bulbs...THOSE were unsafe. And what's the problem with Ricer taillights....we never see em anyway. :p


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Originally posted by OneLethal87GN
New Stangs have clear taillights???? Never seen those cars from the rear. Wow, learn something new every day.:D

LOL, no, not clear...they're still red, just a clearer red. In the older cars the lenses where textured and the mirrored surface was smooth. In the new Moosies and some other cars, the lenses are smooth (without texturing at all) and the mirrored surface is textured or staggered in some way. Give your next mustang a few cars off the line to get a look at his taillights...then show him yours. ::D