New California exhaust law=1000.00 fine


Pelennor Fields
Those poor Harley Davidson owners...... my heart bleeds for them:rolleyes: I use to live in a condo complex and this jack-ass and his HD would wake up the entire complex at 4:30 am every single morning with his annoying POS bike reving it so everyone could hear what junk POS it was. This is a great law! I hope Connecticut adopts this statute.


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Loud free flowing exhausts are stupid anyway when electric dump cut-outs are available. My car is is super quiet till I open the dump. I think its a good law. Who wants to listen to annoying cars with loud exhaust systems traveling thru their neighborhood every night. I hope it applies to them Junk Harley Davidsons with the most annoying exhaust systems on the planet yet are the slowing POS on the road smh.
Dumps are illegal here and it's in the law for Smog controlled vehicles


Just in case you were all wondering how they are going to know if cars have illegal exhaust? Roadside emissions testing!! Why California!
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Becoming more of a police state everyday, they have to find a way to pay for all of those illegals free handouts and high dollar government pensions


Just don't try and deal with their DMV.
It's an archaic and broken system. Supposedly if they get 164+ million dollars from the residents, they can fix it.