Never meet your heroes! '86 Grand National

Jon Early

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I decided to load up my trunk with parts this year. After completing a project like mine, it's pretty easy to figure out what needs to go and what's worth keeping.



She made it to the Red Roof! The only casualty was AC. It stopped blowing cold and the compressor no longer kicks on. Judging by the big splatter on the downpipe, I'm guessing refrigerant found its way out of the evaporator. Oh well. We'll get to that some day.

I sold a lot more stuff than I anticipated, and used that money to score a brand new Pypes system that I found in the swap meet! At $560 I thought it was a great deal that I wouldn't find anywhere else. This car has been waiting too long for an exhaust, so I figured there was no need to waste another eight years trying to figure out which stainless system I liked better.

I would say the car did well, but there was an issue which prevented me from taking the car down the track. My O2 mV were staying pretty low and I'd get a lot of KR under heavy loads. :( I thought I was done with KR when switching to E85! I went to a Napa and swapped my original O2 sensor with an NTK, but it didn't make a difference. While waiting to get in the gates, I actually noticed the reading go down to 000 and stay there until I blipped the throttle. Hmmm. Fuel pressure is 40psi with the reference hose disconnected. I'm not sure what else to look at. The plan for now is to change the fuel filter because I have one and I've never done it since buying the car. If that doesn't fix it, I'll plug my laptop into the power logger. I've never actually used it. I hope I can figure it out!

The important thing is that the car made it to the event and I had a great time. Sam, it was great to meet you! I enjoyed hearing about you and your car's story. I look forward to meeting new Buick people every year!

The car made it home just fine. I just couldn't beat on it too hard. Of course it wouldn't be a Buick event without the the car giving me one last swift kick in the nuts. Here it is around 1:00AM on Sunday.... Sigh
I have no idea what will be in store for next year. I've been saying that I need a truck to haul race toys since my first year coming, but my daily driver is rapidly approaching 220k miles and the time is finally feeling appropriate to upgrade. Will I be back with a properly running, exhaust leak-less GN? Will the turbo V6 Camaro make a return in its quest for 12s? Will either car cooperate enough to justify the tech fee? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


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The car looks good Jon. It sits just right, IMO. Too bad about the A/C. I doubt mine will work once I put everything back together. I haven't had a lot of time to work on mine lately. I didn't make the nats. Too many things at home that can't wait.