Need some help translating my RPO codes


I have figured out most of them, thanks to this site
My list shows as follows:

AG1 a duster 6way power front split bench
AM6 3 pass front split bench
AU3 elect door locks
A01 tinted windshield
A31 power windows
BC3 deluxe instrument panel

BD1 ornamentation, exterior molding, rocker panel, delete
BS1 acoustic insulation
BV6 ornamentation external lock painted
BV8 ornamentation external lock handle
BX5 external molding drip rail painted
B24 external side window molding black

B26 door pull handles
B32 floor mats front
B33 floor mats rear
B71 wheel arch colored molding
B72 molding belt colored
B77 ornamentation external ws mldg colored

B79 ornamentation external rear end
B81 molding bs delete
B89 ornamentation external rr window mldg colored
B94 external emblem variant 1
CD4 wiper system with pulse
C18 arm and blade windshield wipers

C49 rear window defog
C60 air conditioning
D35 lh mirror direct control
D7I speedo gear
E5Z speedo adapter delete for analog
FE2 ride and handling suspension

FFL Flint Michigan body plant
GQ1 axle standard
GU6 3.42 gears
G87 8.50 rear
J42 pwr frt disc, rear drum, aluminum
K22 94a generator

K34 auto cruise control
LM9 engine gas 6 cyl mfi v6 turbo
MW9 th200 r4 4spd od trans
MX0 trans merchandise auto od
NA5 federal emissions tier 0
NN5 emissions over idea California federal

NP5 steering wheel leather wrapped
NQ5 steering wheel cap horn deluxe
N33 steering column tilt
N90 wheel 15x7 aluminum cast 4.75 inch bolt circle
PON Pontiac assembly plant
QYZ tire all 215 65r15 / n black r/pe st tl hwy

TL6 grille black
TL8 extra ornamentation 3.8 sfi turbo
TTS 2 halogen headlamps
T2F brake provision special

T47 hood turbo
T82 headlamps auto on off
T83 headlamps Dr special
T93 lamp tail and stop special
UA1 battery high capacity wet

UM6 radio am fm seek scan auto reverse
UQ1 radio provision stereo
US7 painter power antenna
UW4 6 speaker, dual dash mtd
U23 cluster, instrument trim odometer

VA2 rad support steel
VD6 bumper provision front aluminum
VD7 bumper provision rear aluminum
VJ9 label California emissions
VK3 front license plate

V73 usa Canada car
WG1 6way power seat sales
W11 TType package
YF5 California emissions

YT9 specified Division Installed Fisher
62E trim combo cloth lt saddle
62I interior lt saddle
62L secondary color external lt taupe
62U primary color external lt beechwood met

My trunk label is this:


Can anyone fill in the blanks? 1985 ttype

Dennis Kirban

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kirban 2 cents worth

some of the ones you can't figure out refer to each coil spring front and rear. in other words standard parts on your car not option related items...also some of just codes that did not get used back when your car was made just alotted them...

In other words it is next to impossible to denote each code....the GM option booklets may help on some of them. You got the lite weight parts J42 and VD6 and VD7....

good luck...