Need Help or Info from you 80's NASCAR Winston Cup Guys

Been Searching and surfing the net high and low for info on the 80's Buick that were in NASCAR/Winston Cup.

I can find who drove them,what place they finished and when, and some pics.

But wanted to know if anyone knew of the specs or have close up pictures of the "flared" Fenders and Quarters?

And also the Specs or close ups of the rear wing?
How it was attached , and moved up or down for down force?

Thinking of doing my Regal in a tribute format to the 80's Winston Cup Buick Regal cars, but my with mt twist on a modern version.



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Check out the Mountain Dew Regal Driven by Darell Waltrip, or Bobby Allison also drove a Buick.

Darren Turner

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fender flares

Nascar would have had templates for fender flares, but the cars were very lowered & had no inner fender liner, so not sure how that would transfer to a streetable version.
That kind of sheet metal was usually formed in-house by the body building specialists for each team or chassis builder.

Darren Turner


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Buick Glory Days - The History Of - Stock Car Racing Magazine

That has some pretty good info but basically from 1981-1983 was the best for buick



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I started a thread over at in the photos section for gbody NASCAR info. Maybe that can help you out.

Looking good!!

There are a few way to lower the car.

To start off with, what wheel and tire sizes do you have ?
What engine size?

To easiest way is lowering springs, that there depends on your wheel and tire sizes, then if you go to Savitske Classic & Custom and get their front upper adjustable control arms, and tall upper ball joints, not only do you get it lowered maybe 1/2 to 3/4 of a inch more, but better negative camber.
That means your front tires stay flatter to the road instead of tipping out when turning... "MORE GRIP"!!( plus there is more to be done in the rear suspension to help there too)

My plan is to go the same way as yours, but not a replica or tribute, but to emulate what I think they looked like.

I want to flare out my fenders an quarters to house and lower down onto top of a bigger wider wheel tire combo, flat black with gloss black lettering and sponser decals, also its car number on the door will be M-1 the 56 Buick that was driven by FIREBALL ROBERTS in what was then the "Grand National sereies" of races held in Daytona ,FL, on the beach 1 year before the Speedway open and NASCAR was born.

I have a adjustable wing made for the back of mine, but really like the looks of the fixed wing that was on those rides back in the early 80's ( like yours)

If you ge that ride done in time and your suspension set up where you want it, you ought to bring it to a cople of the Buick Events, like the GS NATIONALS held in Bowling Green Ky, and the BPG Nationals held in Columbus OH. also if its set up to handle well, bring it to the RUN THRU THE HILLS event in Piegon Forge TN, weekend of Sept 15, to crusie thru the hills, and a small autocross and drag race event, would look awesome doing it, its also the same week of the Grand Rod Run, so the town is over ran with cars, from rat rods, to street machines, with muscle cars and street rods. EVERYWHERE!!

Hope this Helps

Btw do you have any more close up pics of the Buick?

Like interior shots, rear shots, engine shots and the like?

Heck even some side shots?

Chris do you have Facebook?


Btw do you have any more close up pics of the Buick?

Like interior shots, rear shots, engine shots and the like?

Heck even some side shots?


Hey Chris,

If you have Facebook you need to look up "Jim Boyle"
In there there is a photo album 1984 Buick Regal.
There are plenlty of photos of when I bought the car and what it looks like from whenI 1st bought it all the way through the body work and until it was final paint.

As far as the engine it is bone stock 231 CI.
Nothing to write home about..........yet.
I will get back with you on the size of the Goodyears install on the 14 inch DOT approved Bassett Rims.


Chuck Leeper

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How about Harry Gant?? I have a 16 x 20 poster from Skoal of his car. NE1 who collects such, and wants this 1...Call me.
I also have an Alan K poster...