Need help on my alternator....


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I need some help with my 85 t-type, i am having issues with the alternator not charging the battery or the battery not holding a good charge.

Ok so this is what happing, i have a new battery installed in my 85 t-type charged 100% good voltage. I have the car running for about 10 minutes or so than the battery dies out and the car wants to die out and usually does.

I had seen some cables where not crimped or terminated correctly so i went ahead and fixed them up good with new solder and crimps and heat shrink and fixed any ground cable that was loose. I had though that it fixed the issue but when i tryed to start it about 1 hour or less later the battery was died. No stereo on or anything on, no lights or dome lights on.

To me it sounds seems like the alternator is not working anymore and not giving out the correct charge. But i dont know can someone please help me out.

Any advise would be greatly helpful




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Recharge the battery and answer the following question. Does the volt light come on when the IGN switch is on and engine off? Brad


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With the negative cable disconnected, put a test light between the negative conection of the battery and the negative cable and see if the light comes on. If you do there's something sucking the juce out of the battery.


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Something is sucking it out anyways. Plus your battery/alt relationship isn't as it should be.

Even if the alt was completely dead, a brand new battery should be able to run your car for about 120 minutes on its' own. Even an older one would be able to keep it going for a good length of time.

UNLESS when the alt went it fried a cell in your battery...which can happen. Take em both of and have them tested. If either is fried, replace. Be sure to get a warrenty on both though.


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Reply too all.

Yeah the battery is charged 100% the voltage light does come on. I am also getting good voltage.

But i figure out the issue i took the ALT to get tested along with the battery, the battery tested good but the ALT is shot. So i got to replace my ALT.

Thanks again for all the advice it really helped thanks guys.

Ill let you guys know if i have any other issues with the new ALT.

Digital dash car?

Caspers offers a wiring harness fix for this... I went through two alternators, and a battery trying to fix my recent charging issue... the digital dash cars have issues with the light bulbs for some reason or other... (these cars are "old" now).

Look up "Casper's Charging Field Fix" in search and you'll find the answers! It wasn't that expensive. :biggrin: