Need help identifying trash in pan

I bought a trans with less than 500miles on it from a known vendor. I waited a bit to install it and my new engine. Now that I have, I have put less than 50 miles on both only to see it wouldn’t go into overdrive.... I called trans builder. He stated that I may need to get the car over 90mph to engage od the first time. I did this and no lick so I plan to send him back the transmission. In the mean time during removal I noticed this in the pan?? What am I looking at?

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I would state the obvious, metal, lol just kidding, whatever metal it is, doesn’t look good, and it SUCKS that you have to pull it and send it back, it’s no fun taking the time to install it, just to find out that it’s got problems and have to pull it out.
Hopefully, whoever you purchased the trans from is willing to stand behind it and fix it, even though it only had “500” miles on it.


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Governor spring. Pull the governor cover (4 13mm head bolts behind the valve body) and remove governor and send a pic of the governor. If it's a factory performance governor you can probably use the tci replacement governor spring but if it's a custom governor weight/valve body setup you may have to source the spring from the builder, as that doesn't look like the factory br spring. The lack of available performance cores out there is forcing people to modify low performance valve body/governor combinations to get desired shift points so without more info we have no way to know what's in that trans.

Regardless. The rest of the metal in the pan doesn't look good either.


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There's a thread on modifying the governor. It also shows how to get the spring to stay put.


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You can use the stock br spring replacement from tci but you might call Jimmy and see if he will fix you up also. His governor spring is not stock, even on a br calibration.


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Usually happens when the tires come to a sudden stop exiting a burnout box. I had one pinned by a locktited set screw that came out recently because the set screw had worked itself loose despite the locktite.


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Still makes me wonder on the shavings lol

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I hear ya. But with out being able to stand there and look in person and without knowing the history of it it's hard to say. Some of it could be the use of the metal 4 tab washer on the low/rev housing (which is how gm did it with the turbo Buick calibrations). It's known to shed metal as it wears but usually doesn't "fail" like the plastic washer can. Some of it could be foreign debris that entered the dipstick hole during storage/install etc. gonna be hard to tell from pictures. The two pieces back by the spring appear to be bits of epoxy used to hold the spring in with. They for sure aren't any concern.

Then again it could very well be totally f'ed up and needing major work. But a governor spring is a cheap fix to try and run it.


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never tried a rivet. I get plastic screws at my local ace. Thread the weight and screw it in. Just have to make sure it isn't too long and allows full weight movement.