Need feedback for Tampa area GN mechanic...


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Hello Fl. TB users! I'm a newb to both the site and GN's and I just posted a thread seeking feedback on a Tampa area mechanic. When I was kindly directed to this area of the site. So here is my original post.

Hi everybody :redface:!!! I recently purchased my first 87 GN. Stock as a rock!!! (for now ;) ) And to say the least it's a fixer-upper lol... Anyway I just moved to my current city north of Tampa. So i don't really know anyone. I was however given the name & contact info of an individual (who is local to me) that could do alot of the work on my new baby.. From basic maintence to mods. While trying to do some research on the person before I contact him, I was lead here & found some very dated threads that had some mixed reviews on him, most of which negative :confused: So I am just wondering if anyone on here has any recent dealings with him??

On the posts I found his username was Knucklehead (Larry Pike)

Any input would be very helpful and greatly appreciated!!!!

Thank you all in advance :p

P.S Off topic, I heard there is often a car show in the Citrus Co. area, any details on this? Thanks again


Nice to meet you. Im in your area, Inglis to be exact. While I don't have any ideas about the guy you are talking about I do know of a shop that does a lot of turbo mods and work. I believe they area called Deamon Motor Sports and are off of Citrus Ave between Crystal River and 488. I believe. Dont quote me on this b/c i haven't got my car to the point of moding or deep turbo/engine work yet so haven't contacted them. Still working on the "making it pretty so im not embarassed to drive it stage" right now. LOL. Anyway, drop me an email sometime. Would like to meet up with another turbo owner in the area to sit back and have a few beers while we work on the cars. As for the car show. The Wendy's in Crystal River has one. I dont know the exact days, go inside they have the pics on the walls and im sure they will tell you when it is. I think its every week. Also, the Sonic in Dunnellon has a car show every week too. It;s either Friday or Sat nights.
I will ask my buddy who used to do alot of strip racing who his go to guy is. He mentioned a "Turbo Buick know it all" guy one time, but i cant remember his name.
Let me know, hope to hear from you soon and good luck.


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Give a call sometime!!!!

941 416 7509

I pretty sure I can get you pionted in the right DIRECTION!!!!!



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I use Don Cruz. He's building me a motor as we speak and has a shop somewhere in Tampa. PM me and I'll give you his number. He's a real nice guy... Good luck, I hope it works out for you.