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Ive seen alot of people go with mini starters, apperently they save some 10-15 lbs and work great. I dont have one so that all me just be hear-say:biggrin:


I'm using a CSR Mini Starter. It's about 1/2 the weight of a stock starter and alot smaller. It opens up quite a bit of room around the oil pan and headers.

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Make sure if you go with a mini starter get the gear reduction type and not the one that looks like a smaller version of the stock one. The gear reduction type are more reliable and cost just a little more. :)


lt1 starters are a way to go. I think it's a 7lb weight reduction. That's what I plan on replacing mine with when it goes bad. The stock ones are heavy as hell and a pita to hang up.

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Did you remove heat shield with mini starter or leave it on? Been wanting a smaller one for more room in that area.