*N.O.S. wheel opening moldings, black & stainless!!*


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(2) Left/Front moldings, GM part# 25519951, black.

(2) Right/Front moldings, GM part# 25519950, black.

(2) Left/Rear moldings, GM part# 20498650, black.

(1) Right/Rear molding, GM part# 20495107, stainless.

(1) Left/Front molding, GM part# 25506597, stainless.

All the moldings listed are N.O.S. new!! You can see in the pics that the GM packaging didn't hold up too well over the years, but all the moldings have their packaging except one of the stainless pieces.

At first... I'm looking for someone who might want to purchase the whole lot, as I don't want to ship individual pieces all over the USA... I don't have boxing/packaging available for that, and possible damage through shipping is too likely!!

Local pick-up is available or delivery to the B.G. event is possible as well.




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Let me know what you need for one of each of the black, I will be in BG for pick up if purchased. Is there any damage at all to these, scratches,dents?



Gettin' back in action!!
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Forgot about these... They are still available... For local pick-up only, at this point!!



Gettin' back in action!!
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Bump... Shipping is now possible as long as you are patient for me to get it boxed up in a suitable fashion. Lower 48-states only!