My first G-Body - 1980 Cutlass Supreme

I had promised myself I wouldn't buy anymore cars until I got rid of some - but a friend made the decision for me!

I am the second owner of this car. It was a grandmother's car from new until she had to give up driving 3 years ago.

A couple days ago I looked at it with a friend who wanted my opinion it its mechanical condition. I had been feeling bad and having conflict because I don't have room for it. I was having sad dreams of it severely bastardized, dash butchered up for an awful abomination of a stereo, fenders cut up for some obscene RIMZ, then it would be junked out in less than a year, impounded for dope violation and then sitting on stands at Pull-A-Part with the hood folded back over the roof.

Then, the car pulls up with my friend in the drivers seat and it has become mine, like it or not. :)

And I like it. Indeed.

I am thinking draw-through TBI in the future, for just to be different. :)