My day at Big Daddys


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What a great time . If u find yourself in the area pay a visit.

Dennis Kirban

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I agree 100% I was there few years back did interview with him and filled my truck with parts I bought at his fall Mopar event....I bought over 300 pistons and rods from his top fuel cars had him sign all of them. In my home office I have the tailgate off his pick up truck plus the entire suspension and wheels of his 001 Mopar drag pack car....all signed by him...he was the spokesperson for ZDDPlus reason I was down there initially. I got a personal tour of his museum.

It was weird being at a Mopar event as a Buick guy nobody knew me and I was buying all these parts! Don must be nearing 84-85 years young.....
Great guy......


Texas, Where are you from
WOW, that is a great deal to get a signed pic. I went to his museum back in the late eighties. It was quite an experience.


We drive by there twice a year, but it's been a long time since we stopped. Was well worth it the few times we did though...