My 8 month HORROR story. What would you do?

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My guess is he figured it out by now. Just wondering if he will come forward and let us know. My guess is no. We are a prideful people. That means me too.

After all the ruckus he raised, if he figured it out and fixed it, he should be in here saying he did get it fixed, what the problem was and who's mistake it really was.
Lol, not going to happen. We should just close this thread. Another internet troll

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Funny part is if everything wpuld have went down gentlemanly and ron bought the car to richarf and it was something minor he probaly wouldnt have charged..


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Graceful maybe not, however, if you are a man? Then, it’s simple, you stand up, accept responsibility and admit that you were wrong! Nothing to it! Just gotta be a man to do it!!

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It will be the only way to save face, earn a little bit of respect, and get some future help from any vendor.


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Absolutely if he came clean and admitted he was wrong he could redeem a small portion of respect but I think this one is a crud bum that feeds on the drama.

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Meh, I guess I jumped the gun myself when I first heard the video of the engine in the car, as I never ever want to see anyone get burned, so my first instinct was to think just that, that someone got burned. I can tell you this though, after hearing that second video that was put up taken at RGC with the horrid audio track, which clearly had no knocking prevalent whatsoever the way the first video did when it was in the engine bay, then to see a lawsuit being thrown up online almost instantaneously for no justifiable reason, then to hear RGC come on here and school the guy on what really went down as well as offer to fix the damn thing, I can honestly say that RGC is a stand up business all the way, and that the knock more than likely happened after the fact. Ron, end this nonsense and apologize. Be a man about this Ron... don't be a Meg named Ron. ;)



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Ron.... If you would like this thread reopened since you were the OP simply let me know.
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