Mustang disintegrated / Cool cop


Self-tuning wanna-be
Not a GN story, but another kill mustang story. I live in Florida and was cruising in my Alpina B6. It has 4 doors but don’t let it fool you. Some goofball kid with a tank top on was tailgating me like crazy. He pulled up on the left reved his motor and took off. There was clear space ahead so I mashed it and walked his ass quick....kept pulling. Had him by 3 cars when guess what an undercover cop pulled out from the side road. The goofball mustang got scared and took an exit off. I was like “damn” and just pulled over. Cop got out and came up to me and was like “ Do you know your speed...I told him 102...he said 103, I said “I’m in jail”. The cop was like—“thank you for being honest and stopping as our cars probably could not catch you anyway” He proceeded to look at the car and was like “ what the hell is this thing”. He wanted to actually see the car more than anything. He told me he radioed ahead and his buddy caught the mustang guy for trying to outrun the law, but I got off with a warning for being honest and stopping. German Engineering is trash huh.....yeah okay. Cool cop