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William Avila (The Buick Guy)
Hello guys, some of you know I am swapping to a MS3PRO Ultimate in my car and using ls coils, I have the box in and wired, as of now I am starting to enter the settings in the unit. I am unclear on one thing it is asking me and hope someone with the knowledge can share with me the "tooth #1 angle BTDC" This is going to be for startup. I appreciate the help and here is a picture of the settings in question.(if you see something out of whack let me know) feel free to call or text also 405-361-5362


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Bad luck Buick
I dont know how to help you with this problem but keep us updated. Been considering trying the MS since helping abuddy with one on his e30


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crank sensor is falling 70 deg BTDC or 10 deg rising BTDC
cam sensor is falling 25 deg ATDC


William Avila (The Buick Guy)
Here is a update on the MS3PRO Ultimate setup
I have removes the old components such as:wiring,computer,module,coil,maf,translator,map sensor and a few other items. I had to cut a small hole in my lower fender well to remove and install the wiring through the factory hole.
I then picked up a buss bar and attached it to the inner fender and ran an large gauge wire from the - terminal of the battery to the buss bar and attached about 15 grounds to the bar.(system is a power to ground system)
You will need the following items 3 4 pin relays the best you can find(imo)
heat shrink 2 sticks of 1/8th" and 2 sticks of smaller
I used aircraft connectors and heat covers along with heat shrink about 80(i screwed up half)lol
wire loom
1 set of ls coils and wiring harness (8cyl)
1 set of ls truck wires $43 on ebay 10mm
I also swappped to the innovate lc2 o2 sensor.
a great set of wire crimpers.
I can tell you wiring looks like it would be really tough but if you understand how a relay works it is SIMPLE.
I would say installing the box was easier for me than installing a powerlogger and the software on my computer.
The tough part is figuring out the #1 tooth angle on the crank trigger. IT can be any number between 0 - 720* if you need more indepth on this you can call me for the info but I am not posting it at this time. it is not 70* or 10* just FYI
once its running you will set timing with a timing light and confirm it to be dead on then you can adjust timing in the computer via VE table. My basic settings came from one of my PL logs and I set things close to them setting keeping in mind I went to larger injectors and whatnot.
The car runs great and I am currently trying to figure out the alky setup ( this box will control alky) and I am waiting on a few bits of info to make sure I have it installed correct. If anyone has questions or needs help the basic wiring was super easy you only need to wire in cam,crank,tps,coolant,knock.and a injector harness pigtail. everything else is simple. you will use the LS coil harness and adapt it to the box that is a matter of 7 wires same as the injectors. I will post pictures and be going live on Thursday with the car and some video of the things I removed you will not need anymore. If you have questions call me I am willing to help. 405-361-5362