Motor mounts


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I got mine from Mark Hueffman at TR Custom Parts , but are available at other fine Buick vendors as well


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I found a set of NOS originals and went that route with an RJC engine brace.
This is the best way to go as this set up allows the engine to move a little bit and it is the most comfortable set up for the driver. Poly mounts are a good way to add extra stresses on an already thin walled block casting. When you stop engine rotation at the front of the block, it puts a stress on the block that is similar to wringing out a wash rag. It should be stopped at the rear of the engine which is what the brace does. Do not use poly engine mounts or transmission mounts.
The time that the poly mounts can cause a broken block is when you get great traction at the track and launch the car very hard. Of course, that is the time that most driveline parts break period.
If you never go to the track and you like the vibration, get the poly mounts. If you really like the vibrations, add poly body mounts to the equation.