More parts FOR SALE


GN steering wheel, does not include horn ring or button. Steering wheel is useable as-is, or a great core for restoration. Overall condition is ok, but visible wear is present at the 10-11 o'clock position. $125 obo + shipping.

Used stock oil pan. I bought this as a replacement for my own vehicle, but did not need it and never installed it after I purchased from GBP. $60 obo + shipping.

RF corner lamp, used and is driver quality. $15 + shipping.

Stock fuel psi regulator, used. Came off my car when I upgraded to an adjustable unit. $20 + shipping.

Stock valve cover breather, used. $10 + shipping.

Transmission Governor w/o spring, used. Came out of my old transmission, $25 + shipping.

Stock vacuum block w/gasket, used. Again came off my car when I upgraded to a billet unit, $10 + shipping.

Pitbull chip, used. Was installed in my car when I got it, have no idea what its programmed for. FREE, just send $5 to cover ahipping costs.

200r4 transmission fill tube w/level indicator. Tube is used, so is indicator, and the tip of the indicator has been broken off. $25 + shipping.

Qty 2 turn signal stalks, chrome and used. For vehicles with cruise but without pulse wipers, $10 + shipping each. If you want to buy both, I will ship them together and save shipping costs.

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2013-03-17 15.23.32.jpg
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I have pics of other items listed but not shown, i will attempt to upload later. Otherwise PM a phone number or email you would like pics sent to and I will respond. Thanks.


Steering wheel is sold.

Transmission governor is not a performance model used in GN and Monte SS applications. Thank you INEEDAGN for clearing this up for me so that I did not sell a part that was not correct for our cars!!